Remember Me || Nozomi Tojo & Maki Nishikino 


Maki shook her head, she didn’t want Nozomi to be sorry, it wasn’t her fault this was happening, the last thing she wanted was for the girl to feel bad. Nuzzling her face into the crook of the girl’s neck, Maki could help but feel at home in her arms. Trying her best not to let out any tears, she couldn’t burden the girl anymore, she had to focus on getting her better.

"Please don’t say sorry, this isn’t your fault.  It’s never been your fault." Her free arm holding the girl as close to her as possible, craving the warmth and affection she was emitting. "The only way I could suffer is if you pushed me away, just being close to you… I- I almost lost you, I thought my world ended…"  Just the thought of losing the girl made Maki quiver in fear, flashes of the girl’s bloody and lifeless image flashing through her mind.  

You’re my world.  

"Never apologize for something you can’t control.  The pain I feel right now wouldn’t compare to how I would feel if you pushed me away.  If I couldn’t be near you my heart would explode.  I’m not being strong, this is me doing everything I can not break."  Her cheeks burned red at the feeling of lips against her forehead, there were so many mixed feeling swimming around her head.  


Pulling back slightly, Maki nodded, wiping the stray tears with the back of her hand.  The redhead was going to do everything in her power to make the situation more bearable.  Sitting up, Maki took a deep breath and started from the beginning, how they met, how Muse started, and when she started to fall for the girl, not leaving out any details. 

{✧} Each word bringing a new pain to the girl that she never thought she could experience. How could one person have such an affect on her like this? All she could do was smile. Hope that she would be able to cheer up the girl in some way, no matter what it could be. She hadn’t expected for her to begin telling her the story already. Right from the very beginning..

How she and Maki had met unexpectedly due to the first three members of their group. How she initialy teased her in such a close manner, had she really groped her? All of the funny moments she heard bringing a laughter that could have pained her was she not so happy hearing them. And then the one moment she was curious about. Their intimate relationship having began in the strangest of ways… Who would have thought that they would work so well together? Each new story bringing a glow to Nozomi’s cheeks at just how embarrassing they could be.

"I was really confident, wasn’t I? It’s strange… I don’t remember much for the last while so… I wonder when I became like that. The last thing I remember doing was struggling to talk to Erichi." But she wasn’t a first year anymore. She was a third year, the vice student council president, and member of one of the most amazing groups she had ever heard of. The luck that she had experienced…now gone. Tears stinging the sides of her eyes before she was swift enough to wipe them away. Why…did this happen to us..?

The stories continuing late in to the evening. It didn’t take long from the conclusion for the older girl to feel tiredness kicking in. A small yawn before she looked back at the girl. “I don’t have an extra bed so do you mind sleeping with me?”

On Facebook, some people and I are talking about the latest plane incidents and what could happen and such.
Someone just asked why the police weren’t involved after asking me if she can fly to Ibiza okay “cause that’s near Russia”.

Thirst for Lust || Tachibana Makoto and Ayase Eli 


"Hmm… I suppose you could say I wanted to see if there was anything I was missing since I haven’t attended these parties in quite awhile…"

A century to be completely honest with you…

Keeping pace with the young woman that walk beside him alongside the lake, he was able to focus on just his thoughts and what he would say to her instead of the other distracting noises and scents that came from inside her home. Hands clasp behind his back as he keeps himself upright and poised but the scenery outside was more relaxing than he had expected. A rather intimate sight, but nothing he would complain about.


”..However, it seems like the only thing that changed was the meeting of this beautiful lady that I have the honor of walking beside tonight. Ayase Eli, am I correct? You’re quite famous in the papers these days. The young and most beautiful heiress in the country. What a name you’ve made for yourself. Not that I care about titles. You could have been the poorest of them all and I’d still think you’re beautiful.”

{✼} “So, you did know my name.” Arms crossed infront of her chest as a strand of hair came to twist around her finger. Her sights focusing on the scenery infront of them but every so often turning back to him.

"The only name I have for myself is from my family. I’ve never amounted to anything on my own actions, unfortunately. It’s annoying." The name causing her grief since she was little. No one would play with her and she was immediately thrown in to lessons to make her the perfect lady. They never expected their pressuring to create her in to someone so bitter and sharp. Eventually reaching one of the benches, she padded her dress over her figure to make it much easier to sit down without creasing the garment.

“What about yourself, Tachibana. You’re familiar to me but I can’t place you.” The name and his face…both so familiar yet her memory wasn’t serving much good that evening. A leg crossing over the other as she sat back a little, hands placed against her lap as her eyes met with his in a glance that was like the first that evening.

He is…rather good looking, isn’t he?

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I fucking love AUs. Right now I have

  • Assassin Eli
  • Princess Nico
  • Amnesiac Nozomi (this one pains me)
  • Heiress Eli

I love when AUs give you the chance to explore other sides of characters that you rarely get to see.

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Thirst for Lust || Tachibana Makoto and Ayase Eli 


He wasn’t afraid to admit that it was a lonely life, but the time didn’t call for it. With a finally dip and bow, she was already quick to leave his arms and head back to the sidelines where she could watch the others continue to dance. What was with that attitude of hers? Deciding that it would be a shame to leave her without a proper ‘sendoff’, Makoto runs after her and gently takes her hand before spinning her back around to face him.

"Wait a second. How about a nice stroll to get out of here?"


By the looks that she was giving him, she wasn’t all too interested in the event either. If anything, she needed a distraction and what better one was there than making acquaintances with a vampire? Eyes glisten as they look deep into her light blue hues, hoping internally that she would accept his request.

"Something tells me that this party isn’t your cup of tea, either.."

{✼} An exclamation heard as she was suddenly turned against her will, landing against him once more. Blue meeting green momentarily as she tilted her head before looking around the room. Truth be told, she was rather bored with the whole fiasco so the chance to leave was one she would gladly take. Looking back at him, she proudly turned her head before walking towards the exit.

"I guess I could join you." No eyes on them now that they had left the dance floor gave her the perfect opportunity to slip away. Doors already open, she slid her slender frame through the gap before turning to acknowledge her male companion. How strange that she had accepted such an invitation with a man she just met but there was no intimidation felt. Past experiences had numbed her to the feeble attempts for her affections.

But you’re not leaving me alone, are you?

"So, why did you come tonight if you don’t attend parties often?" Her eyes only glancing over towards him as they entered out in to her family’s main garden. Set along the banks of the largest lake in the area, it allowed for some rather peaceful and beautiful views to spend the evening looking at.


  •  "You'll be fine."
  •  "I'm afraid it's very fatal."
  •  "These test results..don't make any sense."
  •  "How far can your arm go before it breaks?"
  •  "I'll carve your eyes out with a spoon."
  •  "What does he have that I don't"
  •  "Why did he choose her instead of me?"
  •  "..Why?"
  •  "Make as many stab wounds as you want."
  •  "I am destined as your tool."
  •  "The girl must die."
  •  "The boy must die."
  •  "I want to taste your blood on my lips."
  •  "Where do we go from here?"
  •  "These voices..cease to let me be."
  •  "I..can't stop crying."
  •  "Use me as you will."
  •  "None of it matters now."
  •  "Shadows fallow my every step."
  •  "You've gone..completely mad."
  •  "I'm barking mad."
  •  "Winter is coming."
  •  "I could kill you right now."
  •  "You..You're dead!"
  •  "May the lord have mercy on your soul."
  •  "The mental ward let me out early this year."
  •  "Oh how i miss the voices."
  •  "Everyone is equal when they're dead."
  •  "Cancel Christmas."
  •  "Bring me more war."
  •  "I love war."
  •  "I piss on your traditions."
  •  "I hate your heart."
  •  "I hate your soul."
  •  "I promise, you won't feel a thing."
  •  "Bring her to me."
  •  "Bring him to me."
  •  "A few holes in the head give the madness more space."
  •  "I hate everything about you."
  •  "I will abandon you."
  •  "What is that girl up to?"
  •  "I am stretched on your grave."
  •  "Kill me now.."
  •  "If I fall from the grace of God where no murdered ghost can haunt me.."
  •  "You are one in from the plank, don't make me push you."
  •  "I don't care."
  •  "Leave me behind."
  •  "Everything you've told me was a lie!"
  •  "Everything I've told yo was a lie!"
  •  "How could you ever think to leave them behind?"
  •  "Someone should nail your feet to the floor."
  •  "My last breath will be your curse."
  •  "He will KILL you."
  •  "She will KILL you."
  •  "I did noting."
  •  "It was an accident!"
  •  "You've killed your own brother!"
  •  "I want nothing to do with him!"
  •  "How can I possibly trust you?"
  •  "Pathetic."

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Thirst for Lust || Tachibana Makoto and Ayase Eli 


What a sly woman to accuse him of such a thing. How was it that she was able to speak so freely about what he did in his free time? However, all he was able to do was give a small sigh before bringing that devilish smile back on his face. Hands tighten their grip around her hands but becomes hardly noticeable as he spins her out and brings her back into his arms in one smooth motion.


"I’m not sure if this would come as a surprise to you, but I rarely attend events such as these….”

Oh, if only she knew the truth about him. How he had been labeled by several of the hierarchies as one of the most fearsome creatures to walk this earth. Despite his gentle demeanor, he wasn’t human and that was all it took for the general consensus to be that he should be sent off somewhere secluded and kept away from other living creatures.

"…however, in my spare time, I enjoy dancing with a fake knight in my hallways back home and pretend that I’m dancing with someone as lovely as you."

{✼} A small scoff given as a smirk spread on her face. No matter how many charming words he used, she wasn’t ready to fall for such tricks. They had been attempted time and time again but to no success and he wasn’t going to be any different. Twirling back in against him, their bodies close but the young woman still unfussed.

“That sounds like a rather lonely life, sir.” She wasn’t one to talk. Despite her popularity, she had never had anyone whom she could say she was close to. Years of isolation making it difficult for her to make contact with anyone outside of family or business arrangements. These parties were always just an excuse for her family to show off their wealth and daughter, there was no merit for her.

The music coming to an end just as he leaned her down slightly, his hand held firmly against her back. A soft laugh heard after a moment as she was raised back up. A small bow for show before she turned to leave the dance floor now that she had fulfilled her agreement.

"Hopefully you can enjoy your evening here. Real people are much better than some fake knights."

[fuck it friday] 

Something I thought up a long time ago and did on another page.

Basically: It’s Friday. So fuck it! Ask me or my muses anything and everything you want and we’ll answer.

Thirst for Lust || Tachibana Makoto and Ayase Eli 


"Oh wonderful, I think you’ll be quite pleased with my performance."

What a suave debonair he attempted to be as his hand takes hers and leads her to where the others were aimlessly dancing about. The orchestra had just finished a song in time to start a new one which allowed the two to give each other the appropriate bow before one of his hands takes hold of her waist while the other her free hand. 

"Tachibana Makoto, my dear. And you are?"


Of course he knew who she was. Given the amount of spare time he would have at home whilst avoiding everyone in the area, he had the opportunity to read about the upcoming heiresses and barons and what have you. Ayase Eli — the most sought after woman to this day and he was blessed to be able to dance with her. The smell of her blood lingers around him.. how wonderful it was to be in such close proximity to someone that was so inviting… just a little bit longer and she’ll soon be putty in his hands.

{✼} An eyebrow raised slightly at his question. It was a rarity that someone not know her name or status. The Ayase family was one of the wealthiest within a large area so privacy wasn’t something she tended to enjoy the luxury of, this made up for by material luxuries instead. A rather daunting lifestyle but one she had become accustomed to.

"You came to a dance with no clue as to who it was for? My parents wouldn’t be very happy to hear that."

Feet elegantly moving in time with the music, wonderful precision so as to avoid any slips or stumbles or even just to avoid prancing on his toes. She had to admire his shared rhythm, also. Their bodies moving perfectly in time with eachother as the orchestra continued. The dancers around them didn’t seem to share the same grace as the two who had only just met.

"I must say, you’re a rather good dancer. I assume you attend these events often. Seeking out women?" The snarky comment slipping from her tongue before it could be caught. Her tension towards him was still evident although it was up to them to put on a good show for those watching.

Thirst for Lust || Tachibana Makoto and Ayase Eli 


Eyes widen slightly in shock as she rejects his request. Though she was polite about it, he couldn’t help but wonder why on earth she couldn’t care for it. After scanning her attire once more, one would think that she was in the best dress for ballroom dancing so it was hard for him to wrap his mind around it. However…

"I’m sorry… I don’t believe I accept ‘no’ as an answer…."

A smolder pulls at his lips before giving her a small bow and taking hold of her delicate hand. Bringing it up to his mouth, eyes start to glisten with the insatiable need to take her then and there but how reckless that would have been. A small and slow kiss was placed on the back of her hand before returning it to his side, the smile never disappearing to show his determination. 


"Why don’t you give me a chance? I’ll bet my life that I’m not like the rest of the animals here…"

{✼} Had her really just argued against her? A moment of shock as her hand is taken, cheeks glowing ever so slighty as her sights focused on him. That smirk would have been enough to have any woman melt but she had seen the same act so many times that it was rather tiresome now. Although, her interest was peaked thanks to his forward attitude. Others had just backed off the moment she showed any hostility. With a small sigh, she raised her hand once more.

“I’ll allow you one dance, how does that sound?” A somewhat confident glint in her eye as she looked back towards him. It was a waste of time to come to such a thing and not participate after spending so much time preparing. Also, he didn’t seem like the type to back down until he got his own way.

How childish.

The touch of his hand in hers, she couldn’t help but take immediate notice of just how cold his skin was against her own. It wasn’t even cold enough outside for her to accept that he had just come indoors. Sights on him as they made their way to the dance floor, soon positioning herself after a small bow.

"May I at least know my partner’s name?"

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