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3rd Year Idols
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Yazawa Nico, Ayase Eli
& Tojo Nozomi

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"A roleplayer is never late; they reply precisely when they need to."

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Seriously guys.I will NEVER give you shit for taking time on a reply. Dont hand me your work with an apology. Be excited with me to continue our story! You are sharing a part of your mind with me and frankly- I will just be happy that you are writing with me!

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Rosa Multiflora- Eli from lovelive! Added flowers to the previous drawing ^^ working on the fan art book as we speak~


Love Live! Nendoroid Ayase Eli Preview!

Happy birthday Elichika!! :D

Soldier Game: Incognito


October 21st : it’s Elichika’s birthday~!

5 lovecas for japanese SIF players~!