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After a few more days of rest and given strict leave of any servant work to be done around the palace, Hiroomi was back to his usual state in no time. His cane was put inside the closet for future use but by the looks of things, his health had returned back to normal. His last day of ‘freedom’ before he would start his training with the guard, he was given permission by the Queen to go up and update Nico on the status of his health since he hadn’t been able to see her in quite awhile, confined in his bedroom as per his father’s instructions to get optimal rest. Legs run up the familiar staircase before taking hold of the door handle and swinging it open, Nico in her nightgown as she preps herself in the mirror before bed.


"Ah, good evening, my darling!"

As if to show off his strength, he runs over to pick her up as he had done so all the time before the incident and steals a deep kiss. Strong arms continuing to support that small figure of hers before bringing her over to sit her on the bed.

"What do you think? I’m as good as new, right? Your father had sent a guard down this morning to let me know that training starts tomorrow!"

The passing days were rather difficult to say the least. Their one day together having been essential for her to keep some sort of sanity through the whole thing but the thought that he was safe and getting better was enough for her to hold on. She could wait a bit longer. Soon, he’d be back to his usual self and acting silly all over again. Thinking about it often brought a smile to her face as she carried on with her duties.

That particular day being uneventful, she had just managed to get her gown on when the sound of approaching footsteps was followed by her door opening, almost causing her to jump. Her eyes opening wide but before she could even say anything she was quickly pulled up and silenced with a kiss. It was all so…sudden! Her emotions didn’t know what to feel at the sudden sight but were able to calm once she was sat down. That energy…he was back to normal. He was safe. She could have cried from the joy but he was far too excitable for her to even feel sentimental.

“Yeah, he told me, too! Do your best out there, okay?” Her words didn’t do enough to convey how she felt. Of course he would do well, without a doubt, but…she really did wish him the best. Soon kneeling on the mattress, she threw her arms gently over his shoulders to bring him in for a tight embrace. His warmth and just the way he felt was something she had grown to miss over their time apart. Her face gently burying in against the crook of his neck as her voice softened in tone.

"I’m just so glad…you’re better…"

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"That's it! That's the last straw! We're through." [HiroNico]

She could have sworn that everything stopped the moment those words were yelled. The room around them falling somewhat silent as all she could do was stare in disbelief. Surely…he didn’t mean it. It had to just be the effects of the party, right? But they hadn’t been there long. And they had been having small issues for quite some time now. As the male turned to leave the room, Nico paused for a moment as she tried to process what was said.

I don’t…want that…

Her teeth grit in hopes of holding back the tears that were forming, her footsteps picked up to go after him. Soon reaching out on to the street where he seemed adamant to go home with the evening ruined like this. It wasn’t her fault. She had no idea he would be there and their discussion had been about nothing more than classes. Yet the growing number of random meetings had visibly been infuriating Hiroomi more and more. Her snapping back at him whenever he got upset probably wasn’t helping either way.

"Hiro!" Her hand reaching out to grab on to his sleeve but it was quickly swiped away. Those soft green hues now much sharper in their glance as she curled her hands in to fists at her side, doing her best to not show her weakness now.

"Why won’t you just listen to me? You’re so caught up in our own fears that you’ve given up? You can’t end it…not…like this…"

I’m stuck with you…remember..?

Her head lowered as her voice became shaky. Her attempts at hiding the tears no longer possible as she felt them trail down her warmed cheeks. Hands raised up to press against her face as she continued to will them to stop but with no success. Who could have thought just those words could hurt so much. Her heart aching despite nothing else being said by him although perhaps that was worse than him continuing to speak.

"I don’t…want to lose you…"

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  • From the breaker-uper: [below]
  • "I'm breaking up with you."
  • "That's it! That's the last straw! We're through."
  • "This is harder on me than you."
  • "We need to talk..."
  • "This shouldn't come as a surprise. We both knew this was coming."
  • "I want to take a break."
  • "I think we should both... take some time... But on our own."
  • "Maybe we should both start seeing other people."
  • "I can't believe I ever liked you! We're finished!"
  • "I don't know how to say this. I just need some space."
  • "Yeah, so... I'm sleeping with your sister/brother."
  • From the break-upee: [below]
  • "What do you mean you're breaking up with me?!"
  • "How could you say that? We're perfect for each other!"
  • "I guess I saw this coming..."
  • "Finally! Thank goodness! If you didn't say it, I was going to."
  • "Oh yeah!? Well... I never wanna see you again!"
  • "Fine. I'll just tell everybody I'm the one who broke up with you."
  • "No. Nope. We're not breaking up. I refuse."
  • "How can you do this? After all we've been through?"
  • "You've been sleeping with my brother/sister, haven't you?"
  • "That's okay. I was banging your best friend, anyway."
  • "You bastard!"
  • "But I LOVE you!"
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Omg i’ll smile forever

id cry from happiness i think


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Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re okay with certain characters but not others than please specify!  (◡‿◡)

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